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Empowering philanthropists with the strategies and partnerships they need to create health and social change.

everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life

This means physical health, mental health, and the social supports that make it possible.

It’s why we need to transform care in systems and communities. Leverage social capital to help those facing health and social inequities. Pilot new methods and scale what works. Fund start-ups to bring scientific discoveries to patients. Pursue policies to unleash even more progress.

Philanthropists can make a transformative impact when they invest their capital at key inflection points to accelerate innovation and change.


We help families and foundations discover their donor intent and connect them to organizations and partners that help them achieve it.


Catalyzing health and social change


Making change together

coalition management

Supporting clients each step of the way


Anna Bobb

Anna Bobb is a philanthropic and strategic advisor based in the nation’s capital. She founded Vreds to help individual philanthropists and foundations drive real-world change by crafting the relationships and insights necessary to turn research into practice. Anna has brought together a team of individuals whose experience spans philanthropy, healthcare, and partnership development.